Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas is Coming! - Saturated Colors Challenge - Copic Creations.

COPIC CREATIONS - Saturated Colors Challenge: Check it out HERE

Here is an image I colored on the airplane the other day. It's a very fun image to color. I have colored it in many different color combinations, which gives me a totally different outcome every time I color it. This time I elected to color the background blue for the sky, the previous time I colored it I wanted to use dark green for the inside of the tree. The colorist can really change the outcome of the image by changing the back ground colors.... (night/day etc). This image is extremely easy to color. The dark dots or hash marks are where you color the image with the darkest color ink.. and where the hash marks are thinner or absent, you would use your lightest color... Easy Peasy! Note that even on the beads I used three colors leaving a highlight in a circular fashion to show a highlight on each individual bead. The pine needles are colored with a random selection of greens and colored in a random fashion (darkest closest to the center of the branch.)

Stamp: The Peddler's Pack, Beaverton Oregon
Copic Markers used:
Sky: B000, B91, B93
Pine Needles YG21, YG24, YG03, YG67, G85, Y11
Blue ornament: B21, B24, B26, B29 (my blue ran out of ink so I used pallet blending using B21 and B26)
Red Beads and Ornament: R22, R24, R27, R89
Yellow Ornament: Y32, Y35, Y38

Below is the image colored by me last year... see the difference? We all improve with time and practice....although I still really like the below coloring, the above image has smoother blends and the leaves have more definition and color. Thought I would share an older coloring of mine with a current one to show the difference! I don't remember what colors I used last year, but I am sure they were very similar to the colors I used this year.... Colorful Hugs to everyone! Get going on your Christmas cards... This is one of my images that we will be coloring in some of my coloring classes in October and November.. watch my schedule!

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  1. GORGEOUS! Last year's is very, very pretty. But this year's is absolutely stunning!