Monday, April 27, 2015

Watermelon Mice - House-Mouse Challenge #HMFMC193

Hello Everyone,

Today is time to play another House Mouse Designs Challenge.  Here is a fun image that I love.  The theme of this challenge is dots... well I am considering my seeds dots as well as my black paper has white dots.. so this is fitting!.  LOL....  Coloring the rind was fun, I wanted to have those dark green stripes so I wet the white area with blender pen then added the light green (YG13, YG03). The wet area allowed the light green ink to bleed into the area that was wet with blender soultion making it look lit it was fading into the white part of the rind.  I did the same with the dark green.  I made sure the light green area was very wet before adding the dark green allowing the two to blend together a bit for a gradual blend. I like how it turned out.  The reds were easy peasy as I love to color with reds. I used R20, R24, R29, and R59.  The seeds are even better if you leave a bit of white area for that shinny highlight.  They always look better if the area is left white rather than adding a white gel pen on top of the black. 
Let the rind colors bleed into each other

Well, that's it for today, Hop you enjoyed my post.  Stamps are available through Stampendous  The cute House Mouse Designs stamp called Watermelon Mice  is available here HMR32, the matching greeting is called Mice Greetings is available here

Join the fun and enter your own House Mouse Design creation here  - If you don't want to join take a peek anyways at all of the great entries.

Colorful Hugs

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Copic class with Jennie Black - Building Dimension Week 2 & 3


Well here is week two and three of my free Copic Coloring class series.  I hope that you enjoyed week one and all posted your coloring worksheets or samples on our Facebook Forum.  We learn from each other so it's always best to share even when we are not super pleased with the outcome of our work.  I can guarantee one thing in coloring....... That is you will not get better without practice, trial and error!

So Here we with a new lesson.  This week we will work on breaking down images into separate individual shapes, so that we can properly shade them. Let's jump in with our video of the week.
Here are some samples that I colored.  Note that the kitty in the hat box is copy righted so I found a similar one for you.  Thus the reasoning for two different kitties. You can purchase the pink kitty image from Crafter's Companion.

A few color combo suggestions both Copic & Spectrum Noir
Kitty in Hat Box - Step out

Flower step out and color suggestions
coloring page - Jennie Black
Ok that sums it up for my first free online class series.  I will post more based on how successful this one is!  I hope you enjoy the classes and give me feedback on what you liked most.  Again, these classes were first done for PAID classes so the format is a bit different from what the videos may say. 

Colorful Hugs,
Jennie Black

Copic Classes with Jennie Black - Building Dimension Week 1


I have taught many on line courses over the years and have decided to give a few to you for free.  The difference is that I cannot send you kits for the classes.  You can try to print the images that I provide here (when possible) or you can use similar stamps that you already own.  I will also not have a forum where I guarantee free critiquing of your images.  I will however have a private Facebook page where you can post your finished projects for comments with other classmates.  I will pop in here and there for a few comments.

First Video just explains a few basics and explains the materials that you will need.
Second video - Basic blending and layering (shading).

Recap from video
Lightest color pen: color image with your lightest color pen
Darkest color pen: add shading in using your darkest color pen.
Medium color pen: blend dark and light together with a medium colored pen.
Lightest color pen: now blend the medium and light colors together using your lightest color pen.
adjust as necessary.

Blank and colored samples.


Ok.  That's it for week one.  Your homework is to practice coloring images with layers such as these butterflies.  If you can't print the above blank sheet use a rubber stamp or digital image that you already own.   

If you would like to join the rest of the participants on a private facebook page just friend me and ask for an invite.  I am Jennie Lin Black on Facebook. 

Happy Coloring!
 NOTE:  The cute butterfly that I used in the video was purchased from Crafters Companion.  I looked today on their website and could not find it... maybe it is out of stock.  Hmmmm.  You can use any butterfly or dragonfly with layered wings.