Sunday, December 30, 2012


This morning my friend from the second grade (yes a million years ago) called me to say hello.  It was an awesome way to start a very busy weekend.  Donna told me that her new husband Bill Couts LOVED this image, so I made it into a card and would like to send it to him after I display it at CHA this week.  So Bill this is for you!

Reds: DR1, DR3, DR7, CR7
Flesh: TN2, FS2, TN3
shorts: TB2, TB3 (and a bit of rubbing alcohol on a piece of denimn)
Hat: IG2, IG4, IG7
Hair: TN4, TN7 and a bit of GB3

The texture is fun and easy.  Here is how....
1. Color area you want texturized before coloring any other areas of the image.
2. Take a piece of denim and add a bit of rubbing alcohol (not soaking wet just damp).
3. Now wrap the denim around an acrylic block for evenness then stamp over the colored area.
4. Lift the block and denim and watch the alcohol dilute the areas where the texture touched the ink.

Be sure not to color surrounding areas until alcohol has dried.  If you color the surrounding areas prior to adding texture the colors will bleed together or you will have textured everything.  Texture on the leg or tummy would not be very appealing.  yuck.

The rest of the stuff I worked on is top secret using a new products that will be released at CHA in January!  Toot Toot - stay tuned you will LOVE them.!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pretty in Pink

PRETTY IN PINK - One of my favorite colors!  The Holidays are coming and I am trying my best to get loads of cards done up for family gifts.  When I ask my family what they want for Christmas - they always say CARDS.... So of course I put it off every year and then rush to get them done.  This is one that one of my family members will get in their packet this year.  Below are several other images that are a bit easier to color.

This one is a Saturated Canary Digital Image that I got for free from Saturated Canary's 12 hour special  freebie promotion!  Gotta Love those freebies!  I colored her with a variety of colors.  Note that her jacket is done with the BP colors with a bit of IG2, IG3, and IG5 added to give a bit of shading and take away some of the shocking pink color.  I am a muted pink girl!  LOL.... Her socks are colored in the CG2, CG3, and DG3, then I brightened them by coloring a CT2 yellow on top of the green.  I really love the way a yellow will cheer up a lime green color!  Skirt is done in IG's, Face is TN2 & FS2, and a Bit of PP1.  Hair is TN2, TN4, TN6 and EB5.  Skates and pom pom's are done with just a bit of shading with IG2 and the blender pen.

Here are a few more cards that will be in my family gift packs... note that these were all made using the same stamp from the Mulberry Woods stamp collection by Crafter's Companion, but done in several different color combinations so that if they all get originals.  I love this dog stamp and it is so easy to color!  Do not laugh at the green dog... it is green with envy.... ok I was trying to make them all different..... lol.

Have a Great Day