Wednesday, March 7, 2012

True Blue Friend - My Jazzie girl

There is no more true blue friend than my Jazzie girl. So I thought this might be fitting for the
Impression Obsession True Blue challenge. This is a challenge for me to write this. Go check out the other amazing and not so sappy postings at the Impression Obsession challenge

God gave me my Jazzie girl to be my best friend for five years. She was there for so many hardships that life had scheduled for me during that time. She always listened to me, comforted me, never complained and loved me unconditionally. Many of you know she had Cushings disease for over a year, and then in December she got a respiratory infection which set in diabetes. I spent most of my savings to save her. It was worth every penny I spent to see how happy she was for the last two months of her life. She began playing with her toys again, begging for her special doggie cookies, and playing tug of war with the puppy. Two weeks ago, I came from work and she was in deep distress. I chose to let her go in peace. It took me awhile to write this, but I am comfortable with my choice, and am glad that God gave her to me for those few precious years. I planted morning glories in the back yard in her honor, they just started popping up along the fence. When I look at those purple flowers, they will remind me of my Jazzie. I will always remember you my Jazzie girl... you were my best friend, I hope you find lots of stuffed animals with squeekies in Doggie Heaven. Shred them to your hearts desire and get that squeeker! Everytime, I see stuffed animal stuffing or a "UN" stuffed animal, I will think of you my sweet girl. You loved those things best when they were empty! Photos of her show how special she was to me... above with her little sister Bugsie, below with me and her cousin Sassy, and on my lawn chair in the desert where she sat with me while the boys rode their motorcycles. I knew that no matter where I was, or what I was doing, I could look down and she would be there. I still look for her sweet face.

Image is by Impression Obsession available here:
Stamp Name: Sweet Puppy (how fitting)
Item Number G7664


  1. Hi there, Jennie! Your card is adorable and pretty too! What a stealer that puppy is! I really like your cute butterfly adornment too! Thanks for playing and good luck in the drawing!!

  2. Really cute card and I completely understand-I love those furry friends too!

  3. Oh my gosh! I started crying and had to stop reading but I played with my two little kitties a little and then finished the paragraph! I am glad you had such a good and funny little furry friend in Jazzie and I am glad that you still have Bugsie to keep you company! I am sorry for your loss, but also glad you have other good things in your life as well! You made a really great card! I love the colors you chose and the neat embellishment you made! I still have yet to try one of those (even though I have had the die for a while :) ). Thank you for sharing!

    Katie B.

  4. This wrenched my heart and took me back to when we lost our Sunny. My heart goes out to you and the wonderful friend/baby you lost! :(

  5. Jennie, From one animal lover to another, I am so sorry for your loss. May you find some element of comfort in your memories, photos and flowers that you planted. One day, tho, you will see her again...believe it!

  6. OK girl, the card is fabulous but your babies are soooo adorable!!

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss Jennie, our fuzzy kids are dear family members too.

  8. Ahh, what a lovely ode to your Jazzie! I have two Yellow Labs - my first two dogs - and I can't bear to think they won't be with me forever. But then again, I think the pain will be worth it as they give me so much pleasure.


  9. What a sweet card! I'm sorry to hear about Jazzie--I know it broke your heart. I have a Silkie Terrier (Ozzy) who will be 12 years old tomorrow, and is in the beginning stages of Cushings. I don't know how I will bear losing him. Big Hugs!