Sunday, March 4, 2012

Penny Black Alcohol Marker Card Class

Happy Spring!
Here are three of the cards we will be coloring at Scrapbooking Made Simple inSanta Clarita. Date is the last sunday of the month! Whew Hew.. classes normally sell out so you will want to reserve your seat asap!

I decided to do so me Penny Black spring images... I just love Penny Black images even though it has nothing to do with the last name.. LOL.. - No relationship other than fondness... My class layouts are clean and simple so that we can concentrate on the coloring rather than gluing a fancy

card together... Everyone gets a color copy so they can finish the card at home if we don't finish in class... that way everyone works at their own pace! Garden Kitty
Is she cheery or what! I love these bright spring colors. She was fun to color and is sure to delight even those folks who are not cat lovers.. LOL..this cat does not shed unless you count the scraps of paper on the floor that I dropped while making the card.. shhhh..

Hat/boots: Y11, Y15, Y17or Y19 or Y32, Y35, Y38 (orangeish)

Green: YG03, YG63, YG67 Kitty: W1, W3, W5

shovel heads: C1, C3 orange: YR02, YR04

Spectrum Noir colors:

Yellows, greens, brown grays, browns

Fishing Bear
Here is the fishing bear - what a great card for a boy or man of any age. Greeting is reserved for the inside of the card so you can personalize it for that special occasion.

Blues: B91, B93, B95 Greens: Y11, YG03, YG63

Browns: E30, E33, E35, E37 Reds: R24, R27, R59 (or R89)

Gray: C1, C3, C5 Water: B00, B02

Spectrum Noir colors:

Blues, Greens, Browns, Reds, Ice grays

And finally we have this darling little boy with pails of frogs... Reminds me of the day Austin and his friend Casey Smith went frog catching.. what an event that was.. they ran into a wild Cougar! Threw their frog catching stuff and ran .. it was

a long trek through wild blackberry bushes. A few scratches later (from the black

berries not cougar) they were safe at a neighbors house where we retrieved them by car! Scary, but they were soon back to frog hunting.

Hat/vest/shoes: Yr2, YR24, E33 Shirt: R22, R24

Jeans: B91, B93, B95 or B41/B45 Sky: B000

Pails: C1, C3, C5 Grass & greens: YG03, YG36, YG67

froggies: greens plus Y11 Face; E00, E11, R21

Spectrum Noir colors:

Golden Browns, Greens, blues, ice grays, facial skin set. reds


  1. Jennie, these are all just fabulous!! I especially love Fishing bear!

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