Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coloring Hair/faces - Copic

Back by popular demand. This was posted several times here on my blog, but it has been requested a million times that I repost.. so here it is.. hope it helps.

Remember! people are often intimidated by coloring images that have faces. LOL.. it's just paper, if you mess up there is usually a round bin near by to toss it into and start over..... the only way you will bet better at coloring anything is to practice.. trust me, many of my images get tossed to the round file (needs emptied quite often...LOL).



  1. So awesome! Just found your site looking for SN tutorials. You should do a chart like this for the new SN. *winkwink*

    The Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  2. The blonde hair color on the lower left corner matches with the tone that I am looking/aiming for! However, the label is cut off...I would really appreciate if you could tell me the coloring combination for that blonde hair! : )

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  4. Hi Jennie. I'm so glad to have come across your blog and this post on skin tone. I need to color up a newborn baby image for a charity card I'm working on and hoping you can give some pointer. What skin tone combo be a good match for fair skin Caucasian baby? Hope to hear from you, Thanks so much.

  5. Can you tell me what the color combos are for the ones on the bottom of the page.
    Thank you so much!