Friday, October 8, 2010


These images will also be included in my Faces and Hair classes. I absolutely love this image by the Peddlers Pack Peddler's pack has so many large images that are just perfect for Copic markers... I have several of my students addicted to their stamps!

These were all stamped from the same stamp - yet by the changing her colors she takes on a whole new personality. In class each guest will get to personally select their own color combos for their image. How fun is that!

Green & Yellow - Dark skin: E11/E13/E15
Greens: G20, G82, G85 Yellows: YR21, YR24
Orange: YR16, YR18, YR21 Dark Eyes: E33, E35 -
Hair: C3, C5, C7 Lips: E09
Green & Yellow - Pale Skin skin: E000, E01
Green: G20, G82, G85 Yellows: YR21, YR24
Oranges: YG16, YG18, YR21 Eyes: B00, B01
Hair: E07, E09, E00 Lips: E07
Lavender on black Skin: E51, E11
Eyes: B00, B01 Flowers/lips R20, R22, R24
Greens: G20, G82, G85 Lavenders: BV000, BV02, Bv04
Hair: E30, E33, E35
Skin: E00, E02 Blue: B91, B93, B95
Yellows: YR21, YR24 Pnks: R81, R83, R85
Hair: E41, E43, E44 Lips/flowers: R81, R83, R85
Eyes: B92, B93


  1. WOW! Fantastic Jennie!!! I'm going to try some of these combos!!

  2. These are really nicely done, Jennie. Amazing the difference with the color change. You did a great job on these with the coloring and the choices..... well done!