Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dropping in to say Hello!

Dropping in to say Hello!  My dear friend Wendy Foster gave me this stamp while I was in England last month.  Thanks Wendy, I love it!  It's great for a baby shower, thinking of you card, birthday or celebrate!!  I love versatile images!

The balloons are always fun to make transparent.  When doing so, I find it best to practice layering colors before adding them to an image, and to layer colors that make pretty colors.  Such as blue and yellow make green, and the red and blue make a purple.  I would not mix a blue and orange or a green and red because those colors form a muddy color.  Here is a link to a video I did on coloring transparent balloons.    I hope you like it.  I used Spectrum Noir colors in the video, however you can use any brand of alcohol markers.

The bear is built  up of many different shapes.  I used a straight forward light source with the light hitting his nose, tip of his feet and center of each arm before hitting the shaded areas.  Remember to use the light colors where the light source hits first then work your way back with darker colors.  Because his head is a sphere shape, the light would his his nose area before the sides of his face.

SPECTRUM NOIR COLORS: (generation 3)
Bear: GB3, GB6, TN4, TN6
Blue Balloon: IB1, IB2, IB3
Yellow: CT1, CT4, GB6
Coral Balloon: CR3, CR6, CR4, CR8

COPIC COLORS: Bear: YR21, E33, E35, E29, R22
Blue Balloon: B000, B00, B02, B04
Coral Balloon: R20, R22, R24
Yellow Balloon: Y32, Y35, Y38

Image: Lilly of the valley

Have an amazing day!

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