Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stampendous Cards...

Here are a few sneak peaksat cards that I will be doing at Scrapbooking Heaven, Westminster next week...... Call Store for Details. 714-891-4664

Image is ruffled flower by Stampendous... Love it!
Colors used are very basic and few!
B0000, R81, R83, R85, Y35. Extremely simple card that works great for beginners.. since I cut out the images and pop
dotted them on... you can even bleed outside the lines and no
one will know.

These are the other three t
hat we will be doing in class... These images are also by Stamp
endous. Is that Frog cute or what? I love the light house which was extremely easy peasy to color. Now the cupcake.. who can't find a reason to love a huge cupcake...

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  1. Those cards are beautiful!!! I really like the flower one=) Have a great week!