Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coloring Watering Cans with Copics!

Okay... I am addicted to watering cans lately! LOL... Here is the same imagethat Icoloredseveral different times and got a different look each time.
HOW TO: (copper)
1. Before I even starting with color, I added a bit of blender pen to the center of my watering can where I am going to want my highlight.
2 Then with my first color E02, I colored
the entire area that I wanted color. (LEAVING WHITE SPACE TO REMIND ME WHERE MY HIGHLIGHT IS).
3. Added my second color (E08) and feathered on top of my base color and bringing my second color out not as far as my first. Note I used less ink with my second color than I did with my first. I then blend these two colors together with my first color (E02).
4. Added my third color (E09) doing the same as in step two, yet using less of this color than my first or second color.
5. Now to add in a bit of shading, I added some
E39 along the edges.
6. I then used a bit of E000 to blend my white area out with my lightest color and smooth out any rough areas.

In my How To sample below, I did not blend my colors together to show you where I added each color. I would have blended as listed above in my
directions before adding my next darker color. You can do this with the Cool Grays or any colors that you want by following the instructions above and just substituting your color choices in order just as I did (lightest first)

This is a fun technique.. join me in one of my classes to have individual help in creating this beautiful image! It's fun!


  1. Jennie ~ I really like these examples and the end result as shown in the card. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Just beautiful. Great example and clear instructions. I must give it a go.
    Shirley B in Australia

  3. Jennie, these are GORGEOUS....I love these watering cans and thanks for sharing on how you colored them!!!! By the way I sent someone your way. She is looking to take Copic classes in Socal...told her to look you up!!! Hugs...

  4. I love the watering cans and the flowers are very nice. Thank you for sharing.