Monday, August 2, 2010

CHA news & Blog Candy Prize Winners

Wow! CHA was a blast and exhausting! The Copic Team demo'd all day, then had a 7 night slumber party at night... Hmm... I think that is missnamed, because at a slumber party every one slumbers right.... LOL... not at CHA we stay up all night to chat and giggle. Too fun. My roomies were Jenn Balcer and Marianne Walker.. what fun! wait till you guys see all the new paper that is coming out, and the new images by my favorite stamp companies... stay tuned as you will soon see samples made with these awesome new things. I LOVE PAPER!

My Copic Technique classes sold out quickly. Each class had at least 50 guests in them. My assistant Sara Henton was fabulous. We made sure to walk around and make sure each guest was able to see a demo of each technique. We did our best to give individual attention with such large groups. It seemed like everyone had fun and enjoyed the class. (even when we tripped a breaker and the lights went out).

I got home real late Saturday night, got up early Sunday morning and took the boys and their friends boating and wake boarding. I even tubed some and had a blast. Now today I am going to empty my three suit cases, do laundry and prep for my Arizona classes Friday thru Monday! Whew hew - here I come Phoenix!

NOW FOR THE LONG AWAITED BLOG CANDY PRIZES.... sorry In forgot to post these before CHA and I didn't take a laptop with me.

FIRST PRIZE: One Copic 36 count folder (without markers)..... Jennifer Dove! Whew Hew! Prize to be hand delivered next week while I am in Phoenix.

SECOND PRIZE: Jen - Your choice of any Our Craft Lounge Stamp set (go to their website and pic one, then email me your pick along with your mailing addy. (she has a cute photo of her and her baby in her profile photo.)

THIRD PRIZE - Ashley - Card Kit (private email me with your mailing addy)

FOURTH PRIZE - JC - Card Kit (private email me with your mailing addy).

Thanks for playing!



  1. OMG OMG OMG...I am sooooo excited about this. Thank you Jennie for your generosity! Looking forward to taking your amazing class!

    Jenn Dove

  2. How fun! Thanks so much for picking me! I sent you an email. :) Did my friend Sara Henton help you with that class by chance?

  3. Opps! I didn't read the post after I saw my name, I got too excited. YAY for you for working with Sara, she's the sweetest! I roomed with her at the last CHA!

  4. Woohoo, oh my gosh, am I the 'Jen' you picked for the OCL set? I'll send you an email Jennie! Hey, I'll see you at your card class on at Crop Girls on Saturday!

  5. Bummer, Bummer, I never win anything...but I guess I will just have to go buy a lotto ticket so I can hopefully win some funds to buy more stuff...Just finished shop hopping at 35 stores for the So. Cal Shop Hop that took place in August and still haven't put my stuff away...OMGoodness.!!!!!!So many goodies and so little time to play.