Monday, August 30, 2010

Albuqurque New Mexico - Certification


Just got back from my latest Copic Certification Class. It was a great group of gals and I believe I made several new friends. The mountain was amazingly beautiful.. nothing like any mountains I have ever seen.... and the sunset was unbelieveable. I am glad I was able to see these natural beauties.
Here are a few photos from the class... someday I will fit my good camera into my suitcases and take a few better pictures.. the droid cell phone can take photos.. but the quality is not top notch.

A few tips for my Certification gals.
* remember to use your light ink first, add your darker color, return to your light color to blend. Do not use your blender pen to blend.

*Use the side of your nib instead of the very tip of the nip to get a wider stroke of ink onto your paper, making it easier to blend.

* Have fun and continue to practice. You were given a ton of information, now several of you still need to practice practice practice to master each of the skills you were taught.

* The numbers - First number is how much gray is in the color, The second number is how bright the color is. To blend a group of colors, I like to keep the first number the same, and the second number varies in increments of 2-3.
Elizabeth - Scraps Galore - thank you so much for being my limo driver and having me teach in your store.. it is fabulous! I love my new Starbucks Glass! Thanks
Jane - Thanks for being my taxi driver to the grocery store... and dinner
Lisa - You are a hoot girl! Thanks for taking me to the airport.
Everyone - Thanks for becoming one of my newest friends!
HUGS - Jennie

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