Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Haunting

Halloween was always a fun holiday while Austin was young.  I remember my very favorite picture of him for his first birthday.  He was a little lion.  He was in love with Nayla from The Lion King!  he loved being a helpful fireman and then he grew up and loved the scary masks and grim reaper hoods with no face.  Gotta love a kid that goes from The Lion King to the Grim Reaper!  lol... (he still watches and loves Disney and helping people!).

Here is a little something different for Halloween.  I hope you enjoy it!

Beginner Spells - A center highlight
In this fun Halloween image, I will show how to build dimension by placing your highlight in the center of your image.  We can actually make a flat image look as if it has shape or dimension by placing our darkest color (shading) furthest from our eye and the lightest color (highlight) closest to our eye.  These bottles are cylinder shaped, so I put the highlight right down the center of each bottle.
Add lightest color GB1, and add darkest color GB9 on the area furthest from your eye. (the sides of each bottle or label)
   In the picture below, you can see where I blended the light and dark golden browns together using a medium color (GB6).  I then softened the edge of GB6 with my original light color (GB1 or GB2).  As seen in the photo above, I colored the green label using the same steps as I used on the first label.  The colors used are listed in order of use, DG1, DG3, DG2, DG1 then softened the center highlight with the blender pen.
I also started coloring my red bottle starting with my darkest color on the edge of the bottle (DR7) then worked my way towards the center of the bottle with my lighter colors.  Here are the colors I used in order of use  DR7, DR5, DR3, CR8. Note: The CR8 is a higher number, however it is from a completely different color tone which happens to be lighter. The Coral Reds are lighter with more of an orange tint than Dark Reds.  
Complete red bottle above.  Other bottles were were colored using the same steps.  Here is another view of the finished project with different background paper.
Center Highlight helps build dimension to images.

Other colors used in order used:
Golden brown labels: GB1, GB9, GB6, GB1
Brown Bottle: TN2, TN9, TN6, TN4, TN2
Red Bottle: DR7, DR5, DR3, CR8
Gray Bottle: IG7, IG5, IG2, IG1
Corks: EB8, EB4
Base: IG7, IG4, IG1
Background: TN1
Edging was done with a brown ink pad.

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  1. Wow... this is a Fab-U-Lous card! Great image and your colouring is gorgeous.