Monday, February 6, 2012

Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers - new classes

Hello Everyone,

As you know I absolutely LOVE teaching people to color. It is my passion and feel very fortunate that I am able to teach for my job. I have just been spending the past few weeks really seeking out an option for those of you who want to color with alcohol markers, and could not afford them. Although, I am still teaching my Copic classes, I will also be offering Spectrum Noir Classes as well as "Alcohol marker coloring classes (where you can bring whatever alcohol markers you love or a combination). These classes will vary with each store based on what the store carries. I will be making a comparison chart soon as there are many differences.

The Spectrum Noir pens were created to fill the needs of most paper crafters. They offer a wide spectrum of 168 colors, including a blender pen, refills, and replaceable nibs. The number/color system is easy to understand and is as basic as 1-2-3. Its as easy as 1 is pale, 2 is a bit darker, 3 is even darker etc. etc. These pens come with a very nice bullet nib as well as a chisel nib. The bullet nib allows amazing blending results without requiring feathering (a task many have a hard time learning).

So in a nut shell, most paper crafters will find this product an amazing marker for their needs. I have colored the images on this posting with the Spectrum Noir. It was a simple learning curve to understand a few different characteristics of this pen vs, my Copics. I love both brands and believe there is a market for both (I know I need to have both).

The basic set of 72 markers come in pre-packaged 12 sets of 6 markers for only $11.95 (2.00 per marker)
*prevents duplicate markers (no two are repeated in any package)
*no need to determine best colors to go with what?
* basic skin colors are included in the Flesh Skin package
*affordable at about $2.00 per pen

the basic markers will include a variety from each color family so that you can color any style images (faces, hair, landscape, floral etc) After collecting these you can then add in the deluxe sets to increase your color spectrum to 168 different colors/shades. No two are duplicated in any set and will partner up with the basic sets. IE: if the basic set had a 2-4-6 in a color family then the pastels would include the 1, and the darks would include a 9 in that same color family. Easy peasy.

More information soon! Stay tuned.



  1. Hi Jennie. I love, love my Copics and I even have 13 year old daughter that used the ciaos. That I used to have before I had to switch to the sketch.(Everyone knows that us OCD types have to have them in either one or the other and not two different types, lol...)Anyway, I have a 12 year old neice that loves to color with my Copics when she comes over, but I can't afford to buy her the Copics and her Mom just refuses to spend that kind of money on her. Where can you get these less expensive markers so that I can buy some for my niece to use. Thanks so much. I can't wait to read more of what and how you used these. Thanks so much, Lisa G

    1. Lisa, go to they should be perfect for her.

    2. I caught them on sale for $5.99/pack of 6 but see they're up to $8.95/pk at

  2. Hi Jennie, I love my Copics but the small nib on the Spectrum Noir pens looks like what I've been looking for. Since they will work with Copics, I bit the bullet and purchased the entire set! I'll be out of the country for most of March but will catch up with a class when I return.
    Congratulations on expanding your offerings!

  3. Looks promising, Jennie! If I haven't said it (or enough) you do some fabulous coloring and the new Spectrum Noir markers look great on paper!

  4. Hi Jennie,
    I just love my Spectrum Noir pens. In fact I'm trying to sell my Copics so I can buy more.
    Anyway in a earlier posting you mentioned a color chart for Copics to Spectrum Noir. Do you know when that might be?
    Also I live in Massachusetts and there's no one around to work with or train under. Do you know of anyone in the New England area? I would love to become an instructor.
    Thank you so much for all your beautiful work. You get me going when I get stuck.


  5. Hi Jennie, I love my Spectrum Noir pens but I think if there was a brush nib that would make them the best of all. Any chances of that happening?

  6. Hello, I'm planning to use the SNP to color some metal charms and more, what would you recommend that I seal the ink with? Or do I even need to seal the ink? Thank you!