Friday, January 20, 2012

Austin and Amanda in the Washougal High ASL show

Occasionally, I need to prove that I have a life other than coloring and teaching people to color. This is my son Austin Addison Black and
his amazing girlfriend of 4.5 years Amanda Syplinski. They are both high school seniors at Washougal High School, in Washoual WA. I know I say it everyday, but let this mom brag a bit! They are both Christians and active in their church youth group, both honor students,
Austin has completed one year of college (4.0) is a licensed pilot with his multi-engine and IFR certifications, has a 4.0 GPA, on the Mount Hood Ski Patrol, enrolled in OEC Outdoor Emergency Medical Care, speaks some Spanish, and great in Sign Language as well as English! Done a quite a bit of theater in his past and helped with many community programs like Aviation Camp. LOL... not an over achiever or anything.. LOL.. he really pushes himself. Amanda is already a certified Nursing Assistant and currently works with the elderly. What else could a mom ask for? I love these two with all my heart! Austin was the reason I was put on this earth! I am so glad that not only are they boyfriend and girlfriend, they have been best friends since middle school.

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  1. That is a beautiful testimony.I love being mother to my 3 children too. <3