Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Candy Winner! Donna

I hope you have all been having a great summer so far! I have been super busy, playing, boating, and teaching tons of classes... so fun.

The winner of the Blog candy is.... listed below... Donna, please send me our mailing info and I will get your hand signed copy of the book to you right away!


Donna said...Wow, asking me to choose my favorite Copic Trio is like asking a kid to pick his favorite dessert at the bakery! But if I were pinched to do so, the frosting on my cupcake would be R81, R83, and R85. I'm a pink kind of gal and layer it with some dark chocolate browns, E55, E57, and E59 and I'm in dessert heaven! :-)

Help me name this class.. I originally called it dots and doodles. It is adding texture, patterns etc to the image. dotted ground, fabric patterns to the clothing, water squiggles in the water etc... I need a name for the class that is snazzy and simple. Dots and doodles is not working for me.. LOL... Of course a prize will be sent for the best class name.


  1. Congratulations to Donna!! Lucky lady:)

    How about Texturizing with Copics for your class name?

  2. Congratsulations Donna.

    I'm thinking Jazzy Backgrounds or Snazzy Backgrounds. Sorry, I'm a bad speller.

  3. Congrats Donna, got me so excited there for a minute, I never win and saw my name and was so happy, jumping up and down and we even picked the same colors, but alas it was not me :(, but I hope you enjoy!!


  4. AWE... Donna.. sorry! and for the name picking you guys are doing great.. jazzie is a great name.. That's my yorkies name! LOL.

  5. I'm so sorry "other Donna." I really didn't think it was ME who won and I too am jumping up and down. LOL Thank you so much Jennie! I guess Donnas think alike when it comes to choosing our favorite Copic colors!

    Jennie ... re your class samples, I would suggest you play up the water theme and call the class Join the Splash of Color or Wet with Copics ... something like that!

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  7. I like to keeps things simple, sounds like a fun class -- how about just ....Texturize It

    another choice would be Totally Textures

  8. My 13 year old daughter suggests, Copic Makeovers or Makeovers with Copics.

  9. I just couldn't get the name "Bits n' Bobs" out of my head so thought I'd suggest that.
    Paula (PEP)
    Congratulations to Donna too.

  10. What about Terrific Textures or A touch of texture?

  11. Jennie, would you be kind enough to acknowledge my e-mails so I know you have my right address ... to send me the Copic Coloring Guide Book I won! Thank you so much. :-) Donna Lane