Monday, November 29, 2010

Jennie's Copic Refurbishing Station

Okay, there are several of you who have said "I would LOVE your job". LOL I love my job, but this is my least favorite part of it. Each Marker needs the lids removed and cleaned, find the correct lids for each marker that guests mixed up for me, tested for ink, refilled, nibs checked and replaced if necessary, then I need to sort them into packets of nicely arranged and coordinated colors. This will take me days. Volunteers???? LOL

COPIC BONE YARD. Dear wonderful US Airways was kind enough to smash my luggage that was carrying Copics and popped the lids off about 50 markers. Normally this does not happen so they must have REALLY SMASHED my luggage - they even cracked the side of my hard sided suitcase. Of course they don't cover things like sports equipment and hobby materials or their cases - it's in their disclaimer - these just happen to fit into that catagory. The worst part of the ordeal is it was summer in California and I left my luggage in the garage for a week before discovering the mess.. by then the markers were all dried up because they sat in 100+ temps without their lids for a week. Don't do that you guys! Bad idea. I always share the fun days of my job so I thought I would make you guys feel better by sharing that not all aspects of any job are perfect..... LOL I still won't trade my job away.... love it. However, I will put off my manicure until after this chore is done! Inky messy hands are on the way!


  1. bring 'em here! i'll help! i love getting inky fingers.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I only have a fraction of that many to do and the last time my fingers ached for days. I don't know if it was from all the alcohol or what but yea.. I sure don't envy you. (But would help if I was closer!!) Thanks for sharing about the airline fiasco also. Had no idea that they wouldn't cover those items. I guess mine will always go on carry on.