Friday, November 19, 2010

Collective Journey - Sunday November 21

Here are a few of the projects we will be doing at Collective Journey in Redlands, CA on Sunday. It is not recommended to color with your Copic markers directly onto Glitter. However, we use a dedicated blender pen or a watercolor brush filled with Blender solution to apply the ink. That way the glitter does not clog the pores of your marker. The first card was done by basic coloring, blending with a bit of glitter added for snow and fur on the stockings. The other cards were done as follows.

1. using double sided tape place one side of tape on white cardstock and sticky side up.
2. add stickers sticky side of sticker onto sticky side of tape.
3. add micro fine glitter (Ritz Glitter - cool highlights).
4. burnish the glitter with a clean rag to remove all excess glitter (important step)
5. fill watercolor brush with copic blender pen refill solution, then use pen to paint color onto glitter.
6. trim and add to your card

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