Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tip of the Day....

Hello Everyone.
Whew, I just spent the past hour doing a live chat on facebook with Oh My Crafts. I had 119 questions thrown at me within that hour about Copic Markers. I did my best with typos and all to answer all of the questions. It was fun. If you would like here is the link to the chat. Maybe you can learn something from what I said. Sorry some of the answers were brief but I was tying to answer what seemed like a million questions at once.

Tips for today:
Blender Pen is not used to blend colors together. It works better to use a light colored marker to blend with rather than a blender. IE: color your image with your light color (ie: R81) then shade a bit with a darker color (IE: R83). Now where the two colors join you will see a hard line of color change. Use your lighter marker (R81) to blend the two colors together. The lighter marker has more alcohol in it than the darker marker and will dilute the darker color so that it softly blends from dark to light. Do not color over the entire dark area with your light marker or it will wash out the darker color. Just blend where the colors join together.

Additional Tip: each time you add a layer of ink, your paper become more saturated with that color. Therefore, your paper will continue to get darker until the paper becomes as saturated as your marker nib. If you want to blend your work without making it darker each time, try using a shade or two lighter. That will add wetness to help smooth out the image without adding to the deepness of the color.

My cards seem to get more and more simple... I am focusing on coloring images rather than card making. I remember when people used to say I added tons of layers and embellishments.. I am liking the simple cards as they draw ones attention to the image rather than the embellishments. Have a wonderful Day! I love how you can color your spellbinders shapes with markers to make them match perfectly... I love this image by Stampavie!


  1. Hello Jennie, wonderful tip! Lovely card too!!


  2. Love the simple look, especially because your coloring is really stands out! Great tip Jennie!