Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pat the Bad Dog

Oh My Wow! I know two little doggies that these stamps remind me of. Jazzie is my Yorkie Terrier who is always in trouble. She takes everything and hides it from Nikki the mini Husky. It would be just like Jazzie to hide Nikki's bone in the yard or under the bed. Now the upside down doggie bowl is soooo Nikki. That darn dog always takes her food out of the bowl and puts it somewhere other than the kitchen to eat it, ie: on the couch, bed, living room floor etc. I laughed out loud when I saw that silly dog with the food dumped out! My son's dog Belle (also a yorkie) takes her dog food out of her bowl and brings it to the living room also. But the silly dog then hunts the food. She barks at it then pounces on it, then eats it... It's like she is showing us she hunted and caught her own dinner.. she is a riot! I love those little terrors.

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