Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Angels - Austin & Dogs

These are my little angels. Austin with the plane he flew up until recently when he started with twin engines.. don't have a photo of him with that yet! Austin has been flying for two years and will solo in October when he turns 16.

The first furry little creature is my snuggle bug "Jazzie". She is my best little buddy. She always listens and never tells my secrets! Now if she could only follow instructions! LOL.
This little girl is Austin's Belle. He has had her since he was five. He asked for a doggie that would never grow up. Well, Belle has gotten older but never grew up, in fact she is just a tiny thing. She is the most faithful friend anyone could ever have. I am so glad that Austin has her as his little buddy. She really has a cute face, this was just a bad hair day with hair covering up her eyes! We love you Belle.

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