Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Basic Blending - Spectrum Noir
By Jennie Black
Here we have a darling little kitty from Crafter’s Companion SWALK line.  Sealed With A LIttle Kiss... now is that a cute brand name or what?  The name alone gives me the warm fuzzies.
Three color blending
  1. Lay your lightest color over the majority of your object. (flower pot).  Here I  left a bit of white in the center for my highlight.
  2. Add your midtone marker (middle color) on top of your lightest color only about 1/4” into the flower pot from each side.
  3. Color your shading color (darkest color) on top of your midtone color, this time only covering about 1/8” of the flower pot from each side.  (see image)
  4. Blend your light and midtone colors with your lightest marker, dab the joint where the two colors join together.  This will allow the two colors to “blend” or “bleed” together.
  5. Blend your midtone (middle) and shading (darkest) colors with your middle color repeating the motion as in step 4.
pastedGraphic_1.pdfLook at the area where the two colors join together.  I placed the lighter pen where you would blend.  
Blend the colors together then mount onto a card or scrapbook page.

Have a colorful day


  1. I just placed an order for Spectrum Noir markers. I'm so excited I can't wait to receive them. I've been eyeing the Copic markers but they were way over my budget to get enough to do anything with. Thank you for your blog!