Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give Peas a Chance


Ok... Is this image the sweetest or what? I have a tendency to call special people in my life Sweet Pea... therefore I could not resist this image. I actually colored it in July, but could not share it because it was being considered for publication. It was not picked up by the book after all so now I can finally share! Just love the way I colored it, if I may be so bold to admit (blush). I wanted some texture so I used the tip of my marker to add dots and didn't over blend my coloring.... Just love it.

to get the depth in the green I added some dark blue/greens to the pea IE: BG75 this added a bit of gray and a bit of blue, giving the results that I was looking for.

please excuse the poor photography.... its from a cell phone! LOL.. the original image is still at the book publishers and I wanted to share!

STAMP: Give Peas a Chance by House Mouse... (tooooo cute)

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