Tuesday, August 23, 2011

La La Land Stamps - Coloring Black with Copics

What better holiday than Halloween to learn to color with BLACK. Coloring with black is similar to coloring with any other color. However, you must use grays to get the highlights, midtones and shading to give your image volume rather than a black blob. Black ink also has a lot of dye particles so
it bleeds fast.. Here are a few tips to remember while coloring with black.

1. Do not over soak your paper.
2. Correcting dark colors might make a bigger mess if you try to add blender.
3. Use three values to get a highlight 1-3, Midtone 4-6, Shading 7-10
4. Do not over use darkest color which will
hide the artist's rendering or stamped lines.
5. If you bleed outside the lines too much,
consider shadows or cutting your image out and pasting it onto your project.
6. When coloring black hair sometimes it is fun to add a light lavender or blue.

First color your entire image with your highlight (you may want to leave some white space for an intense highlight). Now add your second color or your midtone
. Blend these two colors together using your first or lightest color. Now add in your shading color or darkest color in the areas that would be somewhat shaded or further from your eye or light source (ie: the sides of the leg are further away than the center of the leg). Blend your darkest and midtone colors with your midtone color. If your midtone is too dark to blend with use one or two values lighter than your midtone to blend your two darkest colors. IE: if your midtone is an N6 use an N5 or N4 to blend your two darkest
colors together.

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