Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Family member & house news & Artful Horizons

Meet Bugsie!She is my new adorable teeny tiny yorkie puppy. We have not met yet and won't meet until mid July. She currently lives with my sister and doggie mommie in Portland, TN. . Right now she is only three weeks old and too tiny to come live with me. Bugsie was the nickname my mom and dad always called me. This little one is like a little love "bug" thus the name Bugsie.

The next photo is a tiny workbook I am working
on for the Artful Horizons event in Palm Springs later this month. Its actually a teeny tiny version of my Copic Techniques class that can be done in an hour. Of course it is not as extensive as my normal three hour class, but gives a good taste of what Copic markers is all about.

I have moved into my new house and today is the first day I hope to work in my office. I hope to create, create, create for my June and July classes. I will share soon. Sorry about not posting much lately, but life has been full of unstopping events.

My dad will be here tomorrow from his home in Brazil. He will be coming to live with me for a few months while he has cancer treatment. This will be avery trying time for my family, but I am trying to look at it as a time to re-bond with my dad.

Colorful hugs everyone!


  1. Congrats on moving into your new house. Your family will be in my prayers as your dad is receiving cancer treatment. I hope and pray that the treatment will be a sucess. See you soon!

  2. Your new puppy is ADORABLE! And I will pray for your Dad and you too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)