Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Light source

Here is a quick post to show the different lighting sources on the same images...

Each column shows the same image with the lighting source changing. The top row the light is coming from the upper left corner, the middle row shows the light coming from the upper right, and the bottom row shows light coming from upper front.

This is one of the actual worksheets included in my new lighting source & shadows class. Being taught first at Pages in Progress in Tuscon, AZ the last weekend of this month.

Other locations coming soon include: Collective Journey in Redlands, CA, Scrapbooking Heaven in Westminster, Stamp Addict in San Diego, and many more locations.

Stay tuned for more sneek peeks on this awesome upcoming class.


  1. so wishing i could be there *sigh*

  2. Thanks for this and the previous post. They are so helpful to me. I have not long been using Copics and still learning the art of shading etc.
    Carol Southern