Thursday, September 2, 2010

Copic Certification Classes! - sign up fast

Hello Everyone,

Have you been wanting to learn more about Copic Markers. We have several Copic Certification classes currently being offered all across the United States. Please note that these classes fill quickly and if you are considering a class - be sure to fill out an application asap!

My Oakland class is sold out or very close to being sold out. If you could not get into that class, please email me. I am making a list and if I have enough interest I will come back up to Northern California in the next couple of months to do another class.

This is a great glass location for anyone who came to one of the previous Southern California Certification classes for a refresher. Also, great for general crafters wanting to get a spot in a certification class as it is now open to the public

For more information on the certification go here:

September 2010
3: in Branson, MO Taught by Lori Craig
6: in Pittsburg, PA Taught by Colleen Schaan
11: in Oakland, CA Taught by Jennie Black
16: in Minneapolis, MN Taught by Debbie Olson and Lori Craig
25: in Salt Lake City, UT Taught by Jennie Black
26: in Calgary, AB Taught by Sherrie Siemens

October 2010
2: in Buena Park, CA Taught by Jennie Black
8: in Jacksonville, FL Taught by Colleen Schaan
21: in Chicago, IL Taught by Lori Craig
22: in Chicago, IL Intermediate Certification Taught by Marianne Walker with an evening project taught by Debbie Olsen and Sherrie Siemens

The following classes are upcoming. Applications have NOT gone out yet, so sign up on the sidebar of Marianne’s blog through Vertical Response to get on the mailing for those classes. Applications are only available 60 days prior to the date of the class-not earlier.

November 2010
8: in Richmond, VA Taught by Colleen Schaan
14: in Halifax, NS Taught by Sherrie Siemens
20: in El Paso, TX Taught by Jenn Balcer


  1. I'm so bummed! Had the money in April for your trip to SLC & it was canceled. Now that you're coming for sure, I can't afford to attend. (wah!) Think we can talk Marianne & corporate into starting a Scholarship program? *LOL*
    Safe travels!

  2. I was sent an email as in and I paid, question: do I get a confirmation from you? Only thing I have is my paypal verification?
    Please advise (Buena Park)