Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scrappin' the Hills, Anaheim Hills - Classes

On June 9th, we will be having two classes in Ahaheim Hills.

Copic Coloring class 6:00 - 8:30 pm

In this class we will focus on coloring the above 4 images. Each person receives 3 of each image so that they continue their coloring practice at home. Card kits are available for purchase to complete the cards at a small additional price of only $3.00. Cards are not assembled in class to allow maximum time to work on our coloring techniques.

Plus! Earlier in the day we will be doing my favorite....
Copic Techniques - Using my new Volume 2 Techniques Workbook

(same techniques, just written a little different so that it is easier to read, and I added some different/more images).

Techniques covered in this 3 hour class are:

Learning how to understand the copic color wheel & number system
How to select natural blending colors
How to select paper
What inks to use and not use.
How to color a smooth non-streaky image
How to make a smooth blend of two or more colors
How to feather two colors together
Tip to Tip and Palette Blending
Coloring an images hair
How to find your light source and highlight/shade

and so much more!



  1. Okay, these are FABulous! I have to get used to the 'light' and where it's coming from...I gotta keep on practicing!

  2. Jenni Thanks so mch I really enjoyed the techniques class with you on Wednesday, You're an awesome teacher & I learned a lot.Hope to catch you at another class in the future.Rayleine